Celebrating 40 Years of Environmental Justice

EHC has empowered and organized thousands of community members and strengthened their voices to become agents of change and champions of justice.

While it seems nearly incomprehensible to me that we are celebrating our 40th anniversary this year, I’m reminded every day that our human rights mission to reduce air pollution, protect the health of kids, enable our communities to thrive, and fight climate change is as important today as it was in 1980.

As I look ahead to continuing EHC’s work in 2020 and beyond, it’s your support through contributions, petition signatures, voting, and your commitment to environmental justice that will enable us to build power and healthy communities throughout the San Diego/Tijuana region.

I hope you can make it to our 40th anniversary on August 20, 2020 (tentative), so we may celebrate 40 years of environmental justice together.

Diane Takvorian
Co-Founder & Executive Director
Environmental Health Coalition