Celebrating 40 Years of
Environmental Justice

A message from EHC’s Co-Founder & Executive Director, Diane Takvorian

EHC has empowered and organized thousands of community members and strengthened their voices to become agents of change and champions of justice.While it seems nearly incomprehensible to me that we are celebrating our 40th anniversary this year, I’m reminded almost every day that our mission to reduce air pollution, protect the health of kids, create healthy neighborhoods and fight climate change is as important today as it was in 1980.  Continue reading…

Our Core Strategies

Community Organizing

A values-based strategy that educates and empowers people to take action to win real improvements in their lives for the benefit of their communities and the common good.

Policy Advocacy

A values-based strategy that represents, champions and defends the public's interest and affected communities.

Leadership Development

Building community leaders by providing skills training on organizing, advocacy, power, communications, and education about environmental health and justice issues.

Community Stories

Fierce Determination in Action

Lorena remembers the very first time she heard about the Environmental Health Coalition. She was attending a meeting at her children’s school in National City,…
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40 Years of EJ in Pictures