Erick Ortega has lived in Barrio Logan for over 10 years. In that time, he’s seen firsthand how the pollution generated from the nearby port and other industrial sites has impacted his community.

For 40 years, EHC has worked to reduce pollution and improve health and well-being for thousands of people in underserved, low-income communities of color. Erick is quick to credit EHC for giving him and his family the support they need to advocate for change.

"Many Barrio Logan residents don’t have information about toxic pollution, so they don't know what kind of air we breathe.
But we live in a mixed industrial and residential area where there are serious air quality problems.

The benefit of EHC is that we started getting knowledge and research about these issues. EHC teaches us about the pollution in our community.”

Erick is one of the thousands of residents who have benefited from EHC’s community-driven and accessible research that enables families to understand the dangers in their homes and neighborhoods. From one of our very first wins, the Community Right-to-Know law in 1982, EHC has never stopped fighting for community knowledge. With your support, EHC will continue to provide research, information, and support so committed leaders like Erick will have the tools they need to create safe and healthier neighborhoods.

We take advantage of the knowledge and research provided by EHC. They’ve given me the consciousness of how we can help the environment. Because of EHC, I now have more information that I can share so we can help our community.”