EJ Champion: November 2020

Kathy Kerch Smith grew up in the Paradise Valley area of National City and has been an EHC donor for decades. Her support is in memory of her parent`s family (Charles & Nancy Kerch) and the Frank Martinez family. According to Kathy, she “admires the skillfulness off EHC`s partnership model based on the values of equity, and local community empowerment.”

Putting her support into action, Kathy participated in the campaign against the company that profited from toxic battery production in Colonia Chilpancingo. She also invited EHC to participate in an educational campaign and student forum for Amnesty International that brought together the local efforts of EHC and international issues of environmental and human rights degradation.

Kathy would like to thank EHC for continuing to exist and making the world a better place! “Happy 40th Anniversary, EHC”




Kathy Kerch Smith

In Memoriam for Families of Charles Kerch and Frank Martinez



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